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What Does the Future of Self Storage Hold?

The Inside Self-Storage (ISS) World Expo in Las Vegas this year was a hit. The best and brightest in the self-storage industry were there, exchanging ideas and reflecting on the market. Michael Mele, senior vice president investments, was in attendance. He came back to share his thoughts on the conference — as well as on the […]

Get the Inside Scoop with an Exclusive Broker

Whether you are new to the scene or are a veteran real estate investor, having someone on your side is an invaluable asset. Deciding to enlist the help of a broker is an excellent way to start. But before choosing a broker, it’s important to choose the process that will net you the most money […]

Supply and Demand: Is New Supply Affecting Current Occupancies?

In real estate, as in virtually any other industry, popularity warrants increased development. These days, self-storage properties are topping investor wish lists and, unsurprisingly, developers all over the country are scrambling to provide more inventory. The fact that it’s not so easily done is either good news or bad news, depending on your perspective. “It’s happening, […]

What Makes a Good Investment Go Bad?

Investment in a sound real estate asset with the potential to produce ongoing income and appreciate over time can be one of the best ways to increase your wealth. However, not every real estate investment is a homerun. Changing markets, deferred maintenance, poor management, and unforeseen events can all derail a promising investment. The successful […]

How Does Adding Multi-Family to a Portfolio Help Stabilize Risk?

A conversation about risk isn’t as sexy as imagining your next dream investment. Sometimes, newer investors are looking for the lottery type of win — the diamond in the rough that will yield a drastically above-market NOI with relatively little renovation. But the reality is that investing is much more like a game of chess. […]

5 Critical Steps to a Successful Closing

Marcus & Millichap has been party to just about every form of buyer/seller interaction and closing procedure. As a result, we have developed a highly efficient process to ensure smooth closings. Our process, refined over many years of managing commercial real estate transactions, starts with accurate information and communication, buyer qualification, and leads all the […]

Will Workplace Trends Hurt Office Property Values?

The media is highlighting changing workplace trends — telecommuting, outsourcing, and others — that could impact office-space investors. What’s your investment outlook, and should you worry?

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